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Reasons Why Montville Place Taytay is a Worthwhile Investment

With all the above features, amenities, and the strategic location of this property, the question should be when to invest and not whether you should invest. There are key touchpoints which are obvious and which form the foundation of a great investment.

Beautiful House Models

The contemporary and unique house architecture that defines Montville Place Taytay is simply unbelievable. It is so distinct from any residential development around the area that you can’t mistake it. There are 4 house models: Nathan House, Andrew House, Charlie House, and Alfred House. They are a mixture of two and three bedrooms with different floor areas. The advantage with this is that you have a variety to choose from in terms of budget and design.


Apart from Nathan House which is already sold out, the remaining houses are in pre-selling status. What this means is that you can get the same beautiful houses, but at a lower than market price. This is an awesome chance that you can’t let go. Whether you are buying for future settlement with your family or you are simply investing as an asset in your portfolio, Montville Place Taytay is a high earning investment. The occupancy is easy and quick and you don’t a lot of modifications because the houses were built with you in mind.

The Fast Rising Economy

Everyone in Philippines know that Taytay is the woodworks and garments capital of the country. There are a lot of garments manufacturing plants here which supply both the local market and the export market. There are many artists making wooden sculptures and other forms of art as a means of livelihood. This combines well with the transport network to give this area a higher development index and as such an ideal place to invest or call home.

The proposed Taytay Light Rail Transit System Station will certainly provide residents here with an elaborate, quick, and affordable means of transport to and from the city.

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