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As you walk into this iconic development, one of the things that standout is the clubhouse. It is the center of recreation where families of both the young and the old can come to relax and play some games. The clubhouse has a number of features which include:

The Game Room - If you love playing board and pool games, this room will be your favorite in this community. There is a lot going on in this space and you may find yourself hanging around here quite often. Montville Place Taytay being such a huge community, every time you come here will be an opportunity to make new friends and meet new faces.

Coffee Shops – While it is true that the development is located near a busy city environment, you don’t have to always get out to enjoy some good time over a cup of tea. You can do it right here. You can literally visit the coffee shop and take with you fresh brewed coffee back to your home or take it from right there with some snacks.

Function Room – This being a large community, it is expected that at one time or the other, there may be need for a meeting among a section of the residents or just some internal groupings. Harvard Multiland saw this beforehand and planned for a spacious function room where people can meet and interact. This means you don’t need to hire any external space outside the community.

Other Amenities

Apart from the clubhouse, there are lots of other amenities you can enjoy around here. To mention but a few, some of them include:

Playground – We all know that children love a busy and active life. Since the setting as designed by Harvard Multiland is for families, a playground had to be provided for where kids can run around and develop themselves right within the community. The playground has lots of kids’ facilities and recreation sites where children not only play around, but also make new friends. This is what a wholesome community ought to look like.

24-Hour Security – The entrance into Montville Place Taytay is manned 24/7 by professional security men. This is important because it guarantees you safety as you live and work around here. There is a perimeter fence well designed to demarcate the property boundaries and enclose it so that the environment within can be truly unique.

In addition, there are spacious areas within the development where you can walk around, jog meditate or just have a me time. Having a well-developed environment which is still intact with nature like this is rare to find in many places in Philippines.

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